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Our Ethos
At BreadFisher, we believe in using the finest, freshest and most genuine seasonal ingredients to create food, which is bold and authentic, maximizing flavour, texture and colour. Our ingredients used are free from artificial colourings, additives, sweeteners and MSG (unless otherwise stated). We make our own stocks and sauces. We do not use hydrogenated vegetable oil or trans fats in our cooking. In order to deliver a consistently high standard of quality, BreadFisher diligently seeks to partner with ethical and award winning British food producers. Our meat producers put the welfare of their animals as their prime consideration, hence our meat products, free-range eggs, organic herbs and spices, right to the smallest ingredients, are from guaranteed, reliable and traceable sources.

Be valued. Be refreshed.


Born in Singapore, May was highly inspired by her mum and aunt. Through their generous and steadfast spirit in experimenting and perfecting cooking techniques with fresh food, they became May’s culinary mentors from the early age of 5. Since then, May has been experiencing a multitude of cuisines, ranging from the Oriental, Thai, Japanese to Nonya. Nonya is the fusion of Chinese and Malay cookery commonly practices in Singapore and Malaysia.

After completing her ‘A’ Levels, she took a gap of two years from College to focus on French and Continental Cooking at the Singapore Hotel Association Training and Educational Centre (SHATEC). In 1986, she was awarded the Gold Medal for ‘Top Student of the year’ and was offered a Diploma Scholarship to further her career in Hotel Management. In the following year, she was the silver medalist in the Hotel and Food Asia Competition.

Her determination to master the culinary arts embarked her on a professional cooking career. Starting with several Hotels establishment; covering the Pastry Department of the Meritus Mandarin Singapore; formerly known as the Mandarin Hotel Singapore, a Five-Star Gold List business traveller's hotel. She later joined the Main Kitchen of Amara Hotel, and subsequently progressed to the Cold Kitchen of the Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS).

To realise her dream to read Law, she headed for the shore of England. In 1996, she graduated with the Bachelor of Law degree from the Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. Thereafter, she was employed by an investment bank in the city of London, and later was promoted to head the Credit Administration Department.

In her social context, she continues using her talent to passionately raise funds for schools, charities, churches, and to serve her family and friends on special occasions. Such activities have generated a demand. Thus, in 2002, May co-founded BreadFisher with her husband, Steven. Her approach is innovative and deliberate. She uses fresh seasonal ingredients to create recipes that are bold and refreshing to the palate. Her East and West experience in the culinary arts enables her to offer clients a great variety of menus by design.

As the co-founder, Steven graduated with an MBA from CASS Business School. He has the experience in business development with global companies, and acts as a business consultant to BreadFisher.

They are very grateful to their clients who give them the opportunity to serve them, their suppliers who supply extraordinary ingredients and their employees who are so committed and supportive.


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