The total cost of the event does not include the waiting staffs working extra time, glassware breakages/losses that will be accounted for after the event. Any losses and damages will be charged for at full replacement cost, and a new invoice will be issued to recover the cost.


All food serving apparatus remain the property of BreadFisher, Client is responsible for any loss or breakages, damage to the goods apart from normal wear and tear, from the time of the delivery until they are collected by us. Goods left at the event premise unattended are left at the Client’s risk.


Booking is only confirmed when Client email or faxed the Booking Form with appropriate deposit paid.


We require a 10% non-refundable deposit to be made in cash or cheque made payable to "BreadFisher Ltd" towards the event, and a £50 refundable deposit towards glassware and equipment hire.


Should the event not be successful: one-month notice for cancellation is sufficient, and to be in written form, email or fax format before the EVENT date.


Full payment of the event is due 2 weeks prior to the event, and we reserve the right to charge for orders cancelled in whole or in part, less than 2 weeks before the date of the event. Cancellation structure: 14 days no charge, 7 days 50% of order, 2 days full charge.


Client to confirm on the total numbers of Guests expected, Choice of Menu, and any special requirements no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.


Refunds will be made available to Client if there is no cost over-run after the event.


Injury. Unless the equipment or goods are faulty causing injury to persons or property, BreadFisher will not be liable for any injury caused by the use of the goods and equipments supplied with the event. Particular attention should be paid to surfaces on which boilers rings, hot plates, hot cupboards and hot baths are standing.


BreadFisher can only guarantee to provide delightful menus in venue that provides adequate facilities. Should there be a need for any specialist kitchen equipment to be hired, these will be hired by us at an additional cost, chargeable to the Client, so that we may fulfill our catering contract at the venue.


BreadFisher will arrive 4 hours prior to the event starting in preparation for food setting up and decorations. However, we cannot be liable for any traffic related delays. We will try our best to be available at the time stated to our client.


We require advice of any parking and unloading difficulties at the venue prior to our arrival.


All ingredients used are subject to market availability. We reserve the right to substitute products with a suitable alternative with prior approval from our Client.


We reserve the right to alter any of the terms and conditions with a reasonable notice to our Client.


There may be a delivery charge incurred depending on delivery area and size of order.


We will always leave an event as neat and tidy as possible and will leave the kitchen as clean as we have found it. Our waiters and us do not clean the function rooms and wash the dishes after each event.


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